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Welcome to the “new” blog tazti


Welcome to our “new” blog. You’ll notice the double quotes around the word new. There is a reason for this. Some time ago, we had blog named blog tazti. This was during the development of tazti. The intention was to provide a (non-technical) outlet to vent stress and exercise the creative side of our brain while at the same time providing an ongoing home for new information about tazti. We quickly discovered three important things after creating the blog. The first was that writing software actually affords developers very little time to muse on life or write extra content about tazti. The second was that it actually takes a fair amount of effort to write a “quick and dirty” blog article, and it takes even more effort and discipline to do it on an ongoing basis. Third, it was discovered that relying on the marketing team to take up the slack is a less than effective strategy, as they are, well, marketing, and viewed blogging as less important tool in that effort. 

Round Two

So here we are, contemplating, actually implementing iteration two (perhaps 2.0 in developer speak) of blog tazti. What you may ask is different in round two? Well, first and foremost, the marketing is new and will to put time and effort into a blog without making undue demands of the development team. Then there is the fact that we actually do have tazti news coming down the road that we think you’ll appreciate. Finally, there is that fact that the speech recognition industry and product landscape has changed quite a bit since out last go at a blog, and there are lots of interesting things to talk about.

What to expect

You can expect future blog articles from the tazti team on an ongoing if occasional basis. You can expect product announcements. You can expect notices if serious bugs are discovered. You can expect tips and tricks. You can expect us to occasionally highlight people who are or have done neat things with tazti. You can expect us to make a good-faith effort to continue adding content. You can also expect interesting pictures because what is a good blog without an interesting picture. For this post we have an image of the outside of a building that appears almost Piet Mondrian-esque in it’s architecturally blocky-ness. To us the image represents all the pieces coming together, which had to happen for this blog to be revivified.

Have a good weekend, and we’ll talk again soo.

-team tazti

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