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About blog tazti

black and white speech headset microphone for use with tazti speech recognition
This is what we love to do – make things that people can talk to and work with!

Minimized simplicity

We like to make tool that make your life simpler and more fun

This blog is a home base for all things tazti – announcements, updates, musings, and more. We also talk more generally about speech recognition, the speech recognition industry, and other related, tangential or occasionally random topics as we at team tazti see fit.

The purpose of creating tazti speech recognition software was to make people lives both more productive and more fun. That’s our general outlook on life and what fulfills us at team tazti.

You may be wondering what the image gallery above has to do with tazti and speech recognition? The answer – well, nothing really. The images came with our blog template, and we decided to keep them because it’s really, really hard to find cool pictures of people coding speech recognition software