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Neat Things People Do with Tazti

Use Tazti To Control Lego NXT 2 Robot Through Your Voice

We’ve decided to use our first few blog posts to show some of the neat things that people have used tazti for. Today’s example demonstrates tazti integrated with a Lego Mindstorm NXT 2 robot. Not only does our clever “Maker” find a way to integrate tazti, he then built an obstacle course, and then runs the robot through it’s paces on the course, controlling it the entire time using his voice through tazti!

We would guess that in this example he is using a particular type custom speech common which allows you to set up trigger words to execute another program while passing it command line parameters. In this scenario you would create a different speech command for each action you want the robot to perform, and while each of these custom speech commands would run the same executable, the command line parameter passed to in each speech command would be different. The triggered executable would be written to grab any command line parameters passed from tazti when the speech command is recognized, and then decide what to do at that point based on them. In this case we would guess that there is a 3rd party library he found that allows you send commands to the Lego NXT robot, and then wrote a custom executable using C++, C# or maybe visual basic as an intermediate step to receive parameters from tazti and then decide what command to send to the robot based on them.

The use case outline above can be used as a template for virtually any program you want tazti to control. Write your own “connector” program to receive the command line parameters and to then send some kind of command to a 3rd party device or software. Frankly, using this approach you might be able to control your dishwasher with your voice if you had the right electronics and software expertise.

A less technical approach would be have tazti pass command line parameters to another piece of software that already has built in command line parameters, for example Microsoft Office, which has a rich set of such parameters for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Imagine using your voice to order Outlook to open with a specific User Interface configuration or ordering it to print an opened email.

The options for integrating tazti are virtually endless. Enjoy exploring them, and enjoy the video below!

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